current version : V1.0.0 Next version : V1.0.1 Release Date : 30th June 2022


There are several ways of using Stylet CSS in your project, you can install it by using a package installers such as NPM and GEM. You can use Stylet CDN links from JSdelivr or by downloading the source files and hosting it yourself and including it in your project.



<-- minified version -->

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

<-- Unminified version -->

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

<-- stlyet's minified animation version -->

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

<-- stylet's unminified animation version -->

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">


With Stylet CSS framework you can build fully responsive Websites suitable for all modern screen sizes, mobile devices, PCs, tablets and so on. Stylet also add animation features to your website,given your website more capabilities!


What is a modern site without beauty, nowadays websites focuses more on it's beauty, designs and layout, with Stylet you can easily create awesome, beautiful websites.


Give your website, a unique look with Stylet. Building websites that stands out, has it's uniqueness, which makes it stand out, with stylet you can build unique sites with speed.

Vast Community

Stylet has a vast open source growing community, which has helped the new css framework improve and to become one of the best and help to build components and templates to show you how stylet can improve your web development.

<Stylet />

Stylet CSS is a newly developed CSS framework, created this year 2022 and is still under a well managed and productive development by the team. You can help Stylet grow by donating, sharing, using, funding or sponsoring the program.

< Stylet Templates >

The Stylet team has made things alot easier for you. Browse through a media of already made website templates, beautiful, responsive and unique built in Stylet. You can easily use the template as the ReadME file is self-explanatory.Coming up soon

The Next Release

the next release is loading!!

We've announced the release of the next version of Stylet CSS! version 1.0.1. Prepare for it, it is going to have additional features! which we won't talk about now, keeping it a secret, till it is finally out!

30th june 2022

Stylet is a new promising CSS framework, with alot coming up soon. It was developed by Nnamchi Israel under Apaxaa Inc, the software company and is managed by the Stylet team developers and Sourcian team. It has alot of designs and can make your website to stand out amongst millions already out there.

Stylet's next release is on the 30th of june this year. In it's new release, stylet will work more on it's responsiveness, uses and purpose.

You can use any method, by hosting it on your website or by using CDN. We also advice you to use the minified version of Stylet in your project, to increase the loading time of your website.